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  • What is vegan soap?
    Vegan soap means there is no lye or other animal derived product. The glycerin used in vegan soap comes from oils and fats derived from vegetables.
  • What are essential oils?
    Essential oils are oils distilled from plants which have specific properties. All oils used by Organic Glisten are therapeutic grade as opposed to “for aromatherapy”, meaning they contain no fillers or artificial ingredients. Therapeutic grade essential oils undergo a strict quality control process.
  • What is glycerin soap?
    Glycerin soap does not contain lye or any other animal derived product. Glycerin has a pH range of 6-7 which is closest to the skin’s natural pH, making it great for all skin types.
  • Are your products safe for children?
    Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals state that oils can be safe for use for those 36 weeks and older. Please contact us for a custom order if ordering for a child, as the dilution percentage vary for each age group.
  • How should I store each product?
    Because glycerin is organic, there are no preservatives. We do not add any ingredients to preserve the shelf life of our products. All ingredients are used because they have a specific benefit to the skin. Soap is best stored outside of the shower in a tray or container containing holes, similar to our soap bags. Extreme temperatures may impact the shelf life of each product, listed below. Beard Moisturzer: Up to five years, when capped Soap: Soap maintain their moisture for three months, but we know you'd use them up before they shrink :) Scrub: Two years for salt based scrubs, and six months for sugar based Body Butter: Three months when stored in dark, cool areas
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